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How Cure Cancer in 4 steps

  1. Cancer research is a puzzle.
  2. We turned this puzzle into a game.
  3. You play solve the research question.
  4. The researchers cure cancer.
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About the Research

About the Study

You probably know about DNA. These microscopic set of molecules carry the instructions that make up our cells.

DNA can be seen as our body’s blueprint.

In order to ‘read’ this blueprint, your DNA splits into two sequences. We call them Messenger RNA and Micro RNA.

Double Helix of DNA

Our cells grow if the Messenger RNA is ‘read’. However, sometimes the Micro RNA bind with Messenger RNA. In these instances, the Messenger RNA cannot be read and our cell will not grow.

In a healthy cell, there is a delicate balance between Micro RNAs and Messenger RNAs.

Lymphoma Cancer deactivates the Micro RNA and disrupts this balance. As a result, your cell will grow in an unhealthy way, making your Lymph nodes thicken.

Single String RNA

Researchers found a way to create Micro RNAs in the lab. They think that they can inject the Micro RNA and stop the unwanted growth.

However, they don’t dare to ‘play with your DNA’. They need to fully understanding where the Micro RNA binds, and where it does not.

We try to find all the binding places for Micro RNA 150.

Computer algorithms have failed to present science with possible binding places.

That is why we need you! You are far better equipped to recognise patterns and think creatively.

Micro RNA binds with (longer) Messenger RNA